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The Woman in White Part 3, Section 3, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 3, Section 3, Chapter 2

  • Walter reunites with Laura and Marian.
  • Marian fills him in on her adventures. One day she saw Fosco lurking around with the owner of the asylum.
  • Marian then got a note from Fosco asking for a meeting.
  • She rushed outside to meet him, hoping Laura wouldn't see him.
  • Marian and Fosco had a tense encounter.
  • Fosco warned her, and Walter, to stop poking around and asking questions.
  • He also informed Marian that he had a crush on her, which alarmed Marian even further.
  • The two then discuss Sir Percival, and Marian says she'll tell Laura herself that Percy is deader than a doornail.
  • She does so the next day and Laura—no surprise here—actually takes it pretty well.
  • Walter and Marian turn their attention to Fosco, but they also keep investigating who Anne's father might be.
  • Walter learns, to his surprise, that Philip Fairlie was hanging out at Major Donthorne's house around the time the future Mrs. Catherick got knocked up.
  • Given Anne's resemblance to Laura, it isn't hard to put two and two together.
  • Walter decides to just let that one go, too.

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