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The Woman in White Part 3, Section 3, Chapter 5

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 3, Section 3, Chapter 5

  • At the opera, Walter spends the bulk of his time watching the count.
  • He sees a mysterious blonde guy watching the count too.
  • Walter points out the count to Pesca and asks if he recognizes him.
  • Pesca says no, but then a funny thing happens.
  • Fosco sees Pesca, and he definitely recognizes him. In fact, Fosco freaks when he sees Pesca.
  • Pesca and Walter are super-confused.
  • Walter grills Pesca and Pesca finally reveals a big secret: he's in England as a member of a top-secret political society.
  • He explains that the society is ruthless with those who have betrayed it, and if Fosco recognizes him, perhaps he was involved with the society.
  • Walter thanks Pesca for the intel and promises his secret is safe.

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