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The Woman in White Part 3, Section 5, Chapter 1

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 3, Section 5, Chapter 1

The Story Concluded by Walter Hartright

  • Walter can't get over how outrageous Fosco's narrative is.
  • Monsieur Rubelle, whom Fosco had stand guard, lets Walter leave.
  • Walter goes and confirms the date of Laura's journey with the stable master whose name Fosco gave.
  • Then he goes to see Mr. Kyrle to give him the scoop.
  • Kyrle's mind is totally blown.
  • Then everyone goes to Limmeridge and convince Mr. Fairlie that Laura is really Laura.
  • Then they gather all the servants and townsfolk and give everyone the Reader's Digest version of events.
  • Everyone welcome Laura home and her tombstone is replaced with one for Anne Catherick.

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