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Other Citizens of Oz in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Other Citizens of Oz

As Dorothy travels up, down, and all around Oz, she meets many different people. Some of them help her, some block her way, and some seem indifferent toward her plight. Good guys include the Munchkins, fashion-forward little people who are "kind-hearted" (2.45); the field mice, who help the gang after the Tin Woodman rescues their queen; the Stork, who helps rescue the Scarecrow from the river; and the people of Emerald City, including the friendly Guardian of the Gates.

Bad guys include the vicious Kalidahs, who have the body of a bear and the head of a tiger; the Hammer-Heads, who won't let Dorothy and her friends pass their hill; the fighting trees, whose name says it all; and the Winkies, who ultimately turn out to be good guys once Dorothy frees them from slavery. And then there are the china people. They're standoffish and really, really fragile.