Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 10

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 10

The Guardian of the Gate

  • After a time, the Lion wakes up. The gang tells him about the crazy mouse chariot that pulled him out of the poppies.
  • Renewed, they set off on their journey to Oz. Soon enough they find the yellow brick road. Back on track!
  • The area around the road is starting to show signs of life again. There are farms and fences and people. They're all wearing green, which suggests the Emerald City isn't too far off.
  • Hungry, Dorothy decides to stop at a farm. They're invited in for a nice supper and a good sleep.
  • During their stay, the man of the house drops a few more hints about Oz's reputation. He's very reclusive, apparently. Also, he's a shape-shifter.
  • Still, the man seems confident that the wizard will be able to help the travelers with all their needs.
  • The next morning, on the road, the gang starts to notice a green glow. They know they're nearing their destination.
  • They arrive before a fancy emerald gate. We're talking major bling. Dorothy rings the bell.
  • A small man clothed in green answers the door. Dorothy explains they want to see the wizard.
  • The man seems really surprised at this request. No one ever wants to see Oz. But…okay.
  • First everyone has to put on protective glasses. Otherwise the brightness of the city will blind them. They set off into the city.