Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 11

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 11

The Wonderful City of Oz

  • Even with the special glasses, everyone's blown away by the bedazzled city. Literally everything is green, including the people.
  • The group arrives at the palace, which is even more fancy than the city. A guard asks the travelers to wait while he consults with the wizard.
  • The verdict's in and the wizard will see them. But only one of them at a time, and only one per day.
  • Dorothy's off to her room, which is sweet. Everyone else gets a private room, too.
  • The next day it's time for Dorothy to see the wizard. The guard mentions that the wizard hadn't planned on seeing anyone in the group until he heard about Dorothy's silver shoes.
  • Dorothy walks into the throne room alone and is confronted by a giant disembodied head floating in the air. This…thing is the wizard.
  • Oz the Great and Terrible wants to know what Dorothy wants. That's easy: she wants to go back to Kansas.
  • Oz is like, why should I help you? Dorothy basically says, um…because you can.
  • Fine. He'll do it. He'll send her back to Kansas. There's just one catch: first she has to kill the Wicked Witch of the West. He thinks it should be easy since she already killed one wicked witch.
  • Dorothy begins to cry. That wasn't murder. It was an accident. She wouldn't kill anyone on purpose.
  • She goes back to her room and cries and cries and cries. Then she cries some more.
  • It's day two, which means it's the Scarecrow's turn in the throne room. This time the wizard appears as a fancy lady.
  • The wizard wonders what the Scarecrow wants. The answer is braiiiins. But for thinking, not eating.
  • Again the wizard agrees to help—on the condition that the Scarecrow kills the witch.
  • Day three, the wizard appears as a giant beast in his throne room. He tells the Tin Woodman he'll earn his heart when the witch is dead.
  • Day four, the wizard appears as a flame. Guess what he tells the Lion? Yep, the witch must die.
  • Dorothy wonders what to do, but the Lion says there's only one thing to do: go kill the witch. The witch lives in a place called the land of the Winkies, by the way.
  • The group decides they'll set off the next morning.