Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 19

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 19

Attacked by the Fighting Trees

  • The gang leaves the Emerald City. On their way out, the Guardian of the Gates tells the Scarecrow that he needs to return ASAP to rule the land.
  • Everyone's in a great mood. Toto's back to chasing butterflies, so you know all's well.
  • They talk about Oz. Dorothy has come to the conclusion that he really was a good man. He was a terrible wizard, though.
  • Day One goes really well. Day Two they come to a dense forest. The Scarecrow tries to enter under the branches of a big tree, but the tree wallops him good.
  • Even so, the Scarecrow's fine. (Sometimes it pays to be made out of straw.) He tries to pass under another tree and gets tossed again. Dang, these trees are violent!
  • The Tin Woodman goes back to the first tree that assaulted the Scarecrow and gives it a good hack with his axe. Everyone's able to pass into the forest without further ado. It was just that first line of trees that was the problem.
  • When they emerge from the woods, they come to a tall, smooth wall. The tin man says he'll build a ladder. Give that man a raise!