Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 2

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 2

The Council with the Munchkins

  • Dorothy wakes up with a jolt. Guess the house has finally landed.
  • She opens the door and goes outside. Everything is super beautiful and weird.
  • The people of the land are also odd. Let's just say they have a peculiar taste in fashion. Also, they're smaller than average-sized adults.
  • A small old woman thanks Dorothy for killing the Wicked Witch of the East. Dorothy's like, wait, what?
  • The woman clarifies that Dorothy's house killed the witch. Evidently it landed on her. Dorothy is concerned and upset. She's not a murderer!
  • The old woman explains that it's totally okay because the witch had a major personality problem. For one thing, she enslaved the Munchkins.
  • Dorothy's like, who are the Munchkins? The old lady's like, um, they're the tiny people surrounding us right now, Sherlock. The old lady herself is the Witch of the North.
  • Dorothy's a little worried at that piece of news. She thought witches were bad. But the Witch of the North assures Dorothy that only some witches are bad, and she isn't one of them.
  • The bad witches, btw, are the Witch of the East (R.I.P.) and the Witch of the West.
  • Dorothy mentions Kansas, but the Witch of the North has no idea what she's talking about.
  • The witch goes on to explain that since the Land of Oz is uncivilized, it still has witches and wizards. She says this as if the logic is obvious.
  • Dorothy wonders about these mysterious wizards. The witch says that the most powerful one is Oz, who lives in the Emerald City.
  • One of the Munchkins shouts when the dead witch's feet start to shrivel up. (They had been protruding from under the house.) But the Witch of the North seems to think it's no big deal. They just dried up in the sun, like dead feet do.
  • The dead witch left a special pair of silver shoes behind. The witch explains that they're charmed, but she doesn't quite know what they can do.
  • Dorothy wants to get back to Kansas, stat. She knows her aunt and uncle will be worried. She asks if anyone knows the way. No one does.
  • The witch tells Dorothy she should probably just settle down and live in Oz. Dorothy is far from thrilled by the thought, so she starts to cry.
  • Thankfully, the witch has a magic slate. She asks Siri what they should do next.
  • The slate says that Dorothy should go to the Emerald City. It's in the center of Oz.
  • Dorothy feels a bit anxious at the prospect. What's this wizard like, anyway? The good witch doesn't know.
  • Since the good witch can't accompany Dorothy to Oz, she gives her a kiss. The kiss will protect her when she travels through bad neighborhoods. It leaves a round mark.
  • But how do you get to Oz, anyway? Well, silly, you follow the yellow brick road.
  • The Munchkins peace out. Then the witch does, too. Dorothy and Toto are left alone to ponder their next steps.