Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 3

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 3

How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow

  • Dorothy's hungry so she and Toto grab a snack and get ready for their road trip to the Emerald City.
  • She notices her shoes are looking a bit shabby, so she decides to try on the dead witch's silver shoes. They fit perfectly.
  • And they're off…down the yellow brick road, of course. Dorothy's feeling strangely cheerful. As she and Toto walk, they pass a lot of nice farms.
  • Along the road, all the Munchkins bow to Dorothy. Evidently they heard about her killing the witch.
  • It's getting late and Dorothy's wondering about where to sleep when she comes across a house. The people there are having a party and they invite her to stay for the evening.
  • Boq, the guy who's hosting, asks Dorothy about her shoes. He thinks she must be super powerful to be wearing them. Dorothy remains unconvinced.
  • Dorothy goes to sleep, wakes up, and passes a pleasant morning at the house. As she and Toto prepare to take off, she asks Boq how far the Emerald City is. He has no idea.
  • He mentions that Oz has sort of a weird reputation. People tend to keep their distance. Dorothy knows this isn't good news, but she has no choice but to go anyway.
  • Soon after she and Toto set off, Dorothy encounters a scarecrow in a field. Correction: not a scarecrow. The Scarecrow.
  • Dorothy's a little taken aback when the Scarecrow starts talking to her, but she quickly recovers. They have a nice conversation.
  • Dorothy helps the Scarecrow down from the pole he's attached to. As they chat, she tells him about her plan to go see Oz.
  • The Scarecrow wants to go with her. He doesn't have any brains and he thinks Oz can help.
  • The party of three sets off.