Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 4

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 4

The Road Through the Forest

  • As the three walk, they notice the road is beginning to get rough. The farms are fewer and further between.
  • When they stop for lunch, Dorothy's relieved to find out that the Scarecrow doesn't eat. Good thing, because she didn't pack much food.
  • Over the meal, Dorothy tells her new friend about Kansas. He thinks it sounds like a giant bummer and can't understand why she would want to go back there. Dorothy says Kansas is her home and she loves it.
  • Dorothy asks the Scarecrow to tell her a story, but he says he's too new to the world. He was literally made two days ago.
  • He settles on telling her the story of how he was made. Basically a farmer painted on his eyes, ears, etc., and then stuck him on the pole.
  • The Scarecrow wasn't overly fond of the pole. He hated standing alone in the field. And he hated it even more when the crows came along and started bugging him.
  • They set off walking again, and soon enough they come to a forest. It's dark, and not being able to see is making Dorothy nervous. The Scarecrow finds a cottage and they decide to stay there for the night.