Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 7

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 7

The Journey to the Great Oz

  • The gang can't find anyone to host them for the evening, so it looks like they'll be camping. Dorothy's running even lower on food, so she's feeling a bit desperate.
  • The Lion offers to go kill her a deer for dinner. The tin man asks him not to so he doesn't have to cry any more. The Scarecrow forages for some nuts and Dorothy is touched. She sleeps soundly that night by the fire the tin man built.
  • Soon after they resume walking, the gang runs into a huge ditch. For a minute it seems like they've come to the end of the road.
  • Good news! The Cowardly Lion thinks he can jump over the ditch. He's going to take everyone over one at a time on his back.
  • The Lion is afraid, but he makes the jump anyway.
  • More good news! The Lion jumps over the ditch easily. After everyone is over, the Lion needs to rest.
  • The group hears a strange noise. The Lion wonders if it could be the Kalidahs.
  • What are the Kalidahs? Dorothy wonders. Oh, you know, just a bear with the head of a tiger.
  • While they're worrying about those, the gang encounters another ditch. This one's much larger than the last—so much larger that the Lion knows there's no way he'll make it across.
  • The Scarecrow has an idea: the tin man can chop down a tree, and then they'll use it as a bridge.
  • The Tin Woodman gets to work. Soon enough the bridge is ready. The group starts across when, what do you know, here come the Kalidahs.
  • The Lion, who's last across the bridge, turns to the Kalidahs. He roars at them so loudly that for a moment, they forget they're bigger and scarier than him. But just for a moment.
  • Thinking they're all about to die, the Lion prepares to fight. But wait! Scarecrow has an idea. He tells the tin man to chop the bridge away so they Kalidahs can't cross.
  • The plan works and everyone is relieved. But they're all a little bit on edge, now. Eventually, they emerge from the forest, only to find a river blocking their path.
  • The Scarecrow suggests the tin man can build a raft so the gang can cross the river. Man, the tin man works hard for a living!
  • By nightfall, he still isn't finished, so they camp out for the night.