Study Guide

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 9

By L. Frank Baum

Chapter 9

The Queen of the Field Mice

  • Wait. What's that sound? It's the growl of a wildcat chasing a mouse. The Tin Woodman, who think it's wrong for the cat to kill the mouse, kills the cat with his axe. Whoa, he's hardcore.
  • The mouse, having avoided death, is super grateful. And as luck would have it, she's a queen. She orders her followers to do whatever the tin man wants.
  • Uh-oh, Toto's up from his nap. And guess what? Little dogs love chasing mice. At least, this little dog does.
  • The mice are afraid, but the tin man grabs Toto and assures them they will come to no harm.
  • The mice wonder if there's anything they can do for their savior the tin man. He says nah, but the Scarecrow has an idea: they can help save the Lion!
  • As per usual, the Scarecrow's plan involves the tin man making something. This time it's a truck.
  • Here's how it will work: thousands of mouse helpers will each attach a single string to the truck. Then they'll drag it like an insane chariot to retrieve the Lion.
  • The plan works, and the Lion is saved. Everyone's really grateful to the mouse queen. In parting, she tells them that they can call for her whenever they need help.
  • Everyone sits around and chills while they wait for the Lion to wake up.