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Breckinridge "Breck" Scott in World War Z

Breckinridge "Breck" Scott

Scott is the evil mastermind behind Phalanx, a vaccine for rabies. Since people thought at first that the zombie virus was a form of rabies, he carefully advertised his product, hinted that it would cure zombification, and … made enough money to rent a bio-dome in Antarctica. Check the Antarctic classifieds sometime; those bio-domes don't go for cheap.

Yes, Scott is our evil capitalist character. He's the guy whose desire for money and a life-o-luxury allows him to rip out his own heart—metaphorically speaking—so he won't feel bad about putting every other human on the planet in danger. He's got a million excuses. Perhaps most interesting is the idea that he just "did what any of us are ever supposed to do" and "got his slice" (3.3.29). He's even the kind of guy who air humps to show he's excited (3.3.23).

Yeah, you aren't supposed to like this guy.