Study Guide

Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison Chapter 25

By Shaka Senghor

Chapter 25

  • Where:
  • Cooper Street Correctional Facility
  • Jackson, Michigan
  • When: December 2009
  • This chapter is short, but oh so sweet for Shaka and his family.
  • A few months go by, and Shaka is moved back to Cooper Street in Jackson, MI>
  • Ebony and Shaka keep working for his release.
  • Shaka has a challenging but awesome interview with an older Black gentleman on the parole board.
  • The interviewer seems impressed, and he even thanks Shaka's dad (who's there to support Shaka) for being a good role model.
  • Shaka gets parole. It's an awesome moment.

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