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Wuthering Heights Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Nelly resumes the narrative.
  • Edgar tells Nelly he will have nothing to do with Isabella now that she has married "the villain." Nelly decides to go up to the Heights herself to check on Isabella.
  • The house is a shambles, and Isabella is making no effort to keep up her surroundings or her own appearance. Heathcliff, however, "never looked better" (14.9).
  • Nelly tells Isabella that Edgar will not be contacting her. She tells Heathcliff that Catherine is recovering from her illness and that he should let her be. He, of course, won't stand for that, and Nelly warns him, "Another encounter between you and the master would kill her altogether!" (14.20).
  • Heathcliff rants about how great Catherine's love is for him, compared to her love for Edgar. He says Isabella fell in love with the idea—or "delusion"—that he was a hero. She now knows better, but she still loves him no matter how vile he is. "No brutality disgusted her"(14.35), he tells Nelly.
  • Heathcliff forces Nelly to arrange a meeting with Catherine. She walks back to the Grange with a heavy heart.

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