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Wuthering Heights Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Lockwood has heard the whole story now and decides to tell a condensed version.
  • Several days go by, and Nelly finally gathers the courage to inform Catherine of Heathcliff's desired visit. Catherine is still wrecked from being sick and just sits and stares out of the open window.
  • Heathcliff marches right into Catherine's room, declaring, "Oh, Cathy! Oh, my life! how can I bear it?" (15.21).
  • Catherine scolds him for his actions, saying he is killing her and wishes they were both dead. He grips her until he leaves bruises on her skin, assuring her that he is tortured too.
  • Catherine announces that life is a prison, that she wants to die and take Heathcliff with her. Lots of hugging, kissing, and crying ensue as Heathcliff demands to know why Catherine betrayed him, and her heart, by marrying Edgar.
  • Nelly watches the whole drama unfold but becomes nervous when she realizes that Edgar will be home from chapel soon. Edgar storms in but ignores Heathcliff because Catherine is such a mess.
  • Heathcliff consents to leave, but says he will stay outside in the garden for as long as he pleases.

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