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Wuthering Heights Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • On the fifth day, the house servant Zillah finds Nelly. Everyone in the village thought she had sunk beneath the marsh, but Hareton gave Zillah the key to let Nelly out.
  • Nelly finds Linton coughing on the couch. Cathy is locked in a room upstairs and is not allowed to leave. Heathcliff has poisoned Linton against Cathy, telling him she is after his money, and now the young man has no sympathy for his new wife.
  • Heathcliff is outside talking to Doctor Kenneth, who says Edgar is finally really dying. Linton reflects, "I'm glad, for I shall be master of the Grange after him […]" (28.28). Linton's vengefulness is even greater because of another fight he had with Cathy. They had fought over property, and when she pushed him, Heathcliff "struck her down," leaving her with a mouthful of blood (28.30).
  • Nelly returns to the Grange and lies to a dying Edgar about how she and Cathy got into the mess. Edgar realizes he had better change his will so Linton doesn't inherit everything, so they send for the attorney, Mr. Green.
  • Cathy returns to the Grange and hurries to her father's bedside. Edgar dies without a struggle.
  • Mr. Green, the lawyer, shows up (a little late!) and has clearly let Heathcliff bribe him. Green orders everyone out of the Grange and fires all of the servants except Nelly.
  • Cathy briefly recounts her escape from the Heights: she climbed out of her mother's bedroom window.

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