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Wuthering Heights Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  • Nelly tells Lockwood that she has not seen Cathy since that day. Her only source of gossip is Zillah, the housekeeper at the Heights.
  • Zillah briefly takes over the narrative: back at the Heights, Cathy tries to convince Heathcliff that his son is dying. Heathcliff doesn't care and won't spend the money for a doctor.
  • Linton dies. Cathy doesn't come out of her room for two weeks. Finally Heathcliff goes upstairs to show her Linton's will. Linton has left everything to his father, which means Cathy gets nothing.
  • Hareton, Cathy, and Heathcliff are now the only ones left at the Heights. Cathy tells Hareton that he has been cruel to side with Heathcliff. He tells her that he tried to help.
  • Zillah tells Nelly that no one likes Cathy, and that even she thinks the girl is prideful.
  • Nelly's story finally ends. Lockwood announces his plan to go to the Heights and give Heathcliff notice that he will leave the Grange for London.

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