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Wuthering Heights Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Lockwood goes up to the Heights and delivers a note to Cathy from Nelly. Cathy cannot send a response because she has no paper. Heathcliff has taken everything away from her and Hareton has hidden some of her books in his room.
  • After Cathy humiliates him for his illiteracy, Hareton returns the books to her. When she continues to mock him, he hits her and throws her books into the fire.
  • Lockwood overhears Heathcliff tell himself how much Hareton's face reminds him of Catherine's.
  • Lockwood stays for dinner. As he rides back to the Grange, he muses to himself, "What a realization of something more romantic than a fairy tale it would have been for Mrs. Linton Heathcliff, had she and I struck up an attachment, as her good nurse desired, and migrated together into the stirring atmosphere of the town!" (31.56). He is truly out of it.

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