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Wuthering Heights Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

  • Chapter 33 jumps backwards in time a bit.
  • Cathy and Hareton grow closer, though the sight of it annoys both Joseph and Heathcliff. Together they plant a garden, but dig up Joseph's plants to do it.
  • When Heathcliff scolds them for touching the property, Cathy stands up for herself, saying, "You shouldn't grudge a few yards of earth for me to ornament when you have taken all my land!" (33.29). She also accuses Heathcliff of robbing Hareton of his land and money.
  • Heathcliff storms out. He returns later to find Hareton and Cathy reading together. Unexpectedly, Heathcliff does not fly into a rage. Instead he confesses to Nelly that he has lost interest in revenge. "[W]hen everything is ready, and in my power, I find the will to lift a slate off either roof has vanished!" (33.59).
  • Heathcliff continues to be struck by Hareton's resemblance to Catherine. But then, everything reminds him of Catherine. He tells Nelly that he is a changed man. He no longer has the will to live but yearns for only one thing.

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