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Year of Wonders Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The Thunder of His Voice

  • Mr. Mompellion suggests that Anna burn all of Viccars' belongings ASAP, including the garments he was working on for the other villagers.
  • But then Anys arrives to pick up a dress Viccars was making for her, and Anna doesn't have the heart to tell her no. Ditto with the rest of the villagers.
  • Anna gets the feeling that there was something going down between Anys and Viccars, so she visits the Gowdie cottage later that day.
  • After a short conversation, Anys confirms that she was getting busy with Viccars. She also says that Viccars would often talk about his affection for Anna during their post-coital bliss.
  • This is all quite shocking to poor, innocent Anna. She thinks about this conversation as she walks home until she runs into her pal Lib Hancock.
  • Anna tells Lib about the Anys-Viccars affair, making her promise to keep the gossip on the down-low.
  • Afterward, Anna heads to Bradford Hall to work. Bradford Hall is (duh) owned by the Bradford family. Anna "disliked all of the Bradford family" (2.3.38), those hoity-toity snobs.
  • That night, the Bradford family is having guests over for dinner, including Mr. and Mrs. Mompellion. Anna is serving food.
  • During the meal, a visitor from London talks about the horrors of the plague. It's currently tearing the city apart and is on its way to the country.
  • They talk about how most rich folks are hightailing it out as soon as the plague reaches their towns.
  • Mompellion is opposed to this, saying that it's the people's duty to stay put and accept God's punishment. This will also limit the spread of the plague.
  • Anna is sure to check her sons' temperatures as soon as she gets home.

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