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Year of Wonders Epilogue

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The Waves, Like Ridges of Plow'd Land

  • Anna stays with Elinor's family for a bit but leaves because she feels weird taking Elinor's place. She stays at an inn for a while before learning that the Bradfords are continuing to hunt her down.
  • Anna hops on a ship heading toward Venice. The ship stops in Oran, Algeria, and Anna decides to stay there to learn from Muslim doctors.
  • Anna meets Ahmed Bey, a famous M.D. She becomes his wife for legal reasons, but she serves as his medical assistant, specifically treating female parents.
  • Anna digs Bey in a totally unromantic way. She's learning a lot about the human body, too.
  • Anna names the Bradfords' daughter Aisha. Her other daughter—whom she's just telling us about now and is presumably the seed of Mr. Mompellion—is named Elinor.
  • Aww. That's simultaneously sweet and creepy.
  • The new family enjoys their life together.

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