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Year of Wonders Repression

By Geraldine Brooks

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Year of Wonders is the sexiest book about the Black Plague ever written. Not that it has much competition. The novel follows Anna Frith, a widow and mother who's more repressed than Juicy J is trippy. In light of this, Anna turns to her friend Anys, a truly free-spirited woman, to provide inspiration as she redefines her relationship with her sexuality. There are some insane twists and turns along this quest of self-discovery, and Anna certainly makes a bad decision or two, but she emerges on the other side a more independent woman than before.

Questions About Repression

  1. Why does Anna stop herself from building a romance with George Viccars? Does she regret this decision?
  2. Does Anna make the right choice by sleeping with Mompellion? Why or why not?
  3. How do Elinor's and Anys's approaches to sexuality differ?
  4. Is Anna still sexually repressed by the end of the novel? Explain your answer.

Chew on This

While Anys does not place limitations on her sexuality, Elinor is still constrained by sexual shame.

Although Anna might still be somewhat repressed at the end of the novel, she has prevented this repression from controlling her life.

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