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You Should Have Known Chapter Eight: Someone Has Just Sent Your Husband An Email

By Jean Hanff Korelitz

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Chapter Eight: Someone Has Just Sent Your Husband An Email

In this edition of the book, Chapter 8 is pages 124-141

  • Grace is fuming as she rides the elevator up to the sixth floor for dinner. Yeah, how dare those cops try to solve a murder? 
  • Without an outlet for her anger, she considers calling Jonathan to vent but decides not to bother him. 
  • She thinks about venting to her father, but he never responded to her when she was flighty or emotional. "He wouldn't engage with any but her most sedate, cerebral self" (8.126). He sounds delightful. 
  • Her dad approves of her life now. He likes Jonathan and loves Henry.  
  • Papa Reinhart remarried 18 years ago, but Grace still refers to Eva as his new wife. That doesn't seem petty at all. 
  • Grace greets Henry, who cuts right to the chase and asks who the guys in the lobby were. 
  • She says the police just wanted to talk to her because she and Malaga were on the fundraising committee together.  
  • Henry asks if she knows who killed Malaga, and again rather than following up on why he's asking, Grace interprets his question as Henry worrying that it could happen to her too. 
  • She tells him the cops will figure it out and he doesn't need to worry. 
  • Henry asks where is Dad is, and Grace says he's at a conference and asks if he happened to tell Henry when he was coming back. 
  • Henry says no, but he also didn't tell him where he was going. Insert preteen shrug. 
  • Grace hopes Jonathan will be be back in time for dinner with her father and Eva. 
  • She thinks about Jonathan's parents—Naomi, an alcoholic; and David, a Valium addict—who were always indulging Jonathan's basement-dwelling, ne'er-do-well brother.
    • Jonathan told her they didn't understand his ambitions and have been distant since he left for school.
    • His parents didn't come to their wedding, and she hasn't seen them since they showed up the day after Henry was born with an old comforter for their new grandson.
    • In typical Grace fashion, she was appalled by how ratty it was and threw it away after they left. 
  • Grace calls her dad's house to discuss dinner plans and Eva answers. 
  • Eva's annoyed that Grace doesn't know if Jonathan will be there.  
  • Eva switches gears and says Grace's father told her about the situation at Henry's school and it's just terrible. 
  • If Eva were a betting woman, she'd put her money on Malaga's husband. 
  • "‘What kind of man kills the mother of his child?' her stepmother said, and Grace, who was now grating cheddar over the cutting board, rolled her eyes. I don't know, she thought, a bad one? (8.133)" 
  • Surely this will not come back to bite her later. 
  • Eva and Grace hang up, and Grace goes into her room and pulls out her laptop. 
  • Apparently, this is a little scandalous because their room is a technology-free zone except for Jonathan's CD player and binders of CDs on the nightstand. Wait, are CDs still a thing? 
  • We're treated to a random aside about how awesome Grace thinks her life is and how Malaga's life was not that awesome. 
  • Speaking of which, Grace sees an article about the murder in the New York Post. 
  • The article doesn't provide much new information other than that Malaga's apartment was "blood-strewn" (8.136). 
  • Out of curiosity, Grace Googles Malaga's name and doesn't find anything.  
  • She thinks about Malaga's children and considers that her baby girl might be okay since she's so young, but Miguel is "lost, irredeemably lost" (8.38). 
  • Again, we question her efficacy as a therapist if she doesn't think people can heal from traumas. 
  • Grace feels some sympathy for the detectives working on such a difficult case. 
  • She decides to send Jonathan an email to ask where he's staying. 
  • The familiar whoosh of a sent message is followed with an equally familiar ping from somewhere in the room. 
  • Grace discovers that Jonathan left his phone hidden between the CD binders on the nightstand. 
  • Uh-oh.

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