Chapter Eleven: Everything That Rises Must Converge

In this edition of the book, Chapter 11 is pages 184-201

  • If this book were a film script, Grace would be in the part with the blurred lenses and spinny cameras. 
  • She doesn't even remember getting away from that street corner and vaguely hears Stu's voice calling her name. 
  • All she wanted was to find Henry. She goes to his school, pushes a reporter out of the way, and locates her son (and his amazing eyelashes, don't forget). 
  • He asks if Dad's back yet, and Grace asks him if Jonathan told Henry when that would be.  
  • Not exactly—he told Henry he had to go away for a few days. Grace asks if he mentioned a conference and Henry says he didn't ask, but maybe he should have. 
  • Grace tells him that's not his responsibility, but since Dad won't be able to make it to Grandpa's for dinner, he should be "extra charming tonight" (11.189). 
  • Henry says nothing. We imagine he is internally rolling his eyes. Grace considers the possibility that Henry knows more about Jonathan than she does. 
  • That possibility is too painful, so she pushes it away—you know, like any emotionally stable therapist would do. 
  • They walk home silently. Henry looks down at the sidewalk except when a dog walks by.  
  • Grace gets lost in thought remembering how Henry always wanted a dog. Grace never had one, and Jonathan was blamed for the disappearance of his family dog. Plus, he's allergic. 
  • Grace and Henry get to Papa Reinhart's house and they all chat about how tall Henry's getting. 
  • The three take the elevator upstairs, bringing back memories because her dad's apartment has not changed at all.  
  • Grace remembers meeting Eva's children. They weren't thrilled their adult parents were getting married, and Eva's kids judged Grace and Jonathan for not knowing the correct Jewish rituals. 
  • Back in the present, Eva freaks out when she realizes that Jonathan isn't coming and Grace didn't tell her.  
  • Grace asks Henry to go to the den and start on homework, then tells her dad and Eva that she has no idea where Jonathan is. 
  • Instead of letting her hurt feelings go, Eva gets mad and storms out. 
  • Grace's dad says he wishes she would consider Eva's feelings instead of being consumed with the feelings of her patients. Grace detaches from the situation, imagining what she'd like to say to her dad. This is a fun game.  
  • She also imagines what "Grace-the-therapist" would say to "Grace-the-patient" in this situation (11.198).  
  • She almost tells her dad that something's wrong and she's really scared, but her phone rings. 
  • Thinking it might be Jonathan, she races for the phone, but it's Mendoza. Grace doesn't answer.  
  • Her dad asks if that was Jonathan. She says she doesn't know where he is, and he asks if she's tried calling him. Well, at least we know where Grace gets her oblivious genes from.  
  • Mendoza calls again and Grace says she really needs to take this.

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