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You Should Have Known Chapter Twelve: Snap, Snap

By Jean Hanff Korelitz

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Chapter Twelve: Snap, Snap

In this edition of the book, Chapter 12 is pages 202-213

  • The detectives need to talk to Grace at "the office" (12.202). That's probably not a great sign.  
  • They pick Grace up at her dad's apartment and she asks if they're arresting her. 
  • "Why would I be arresting you?" Mendoza asks (12.202). Good point. Grace reiterates that she barely knew Malaga, and O'Rourke tells her they'll talk more when they get to the station. 
  • The cops turn on the classical radio station on the way to the precinct. This seems like as good a time as any for Haydn's Symphony No. 94
  • Grace realizes she's only two miles from her place but has never been in this neighborhood. 
  • Her mother always told her not to cross the street into this area, so she and Vita had gone up and down the bordering street but never across.  
  • Your guess as to the point of this anecdote is as good as ours. 
  • Anyway, the squad car arrives at the precinct. 
  • Grace asks if she needs a lawyer, but the cops don't think so. 
  • For the 18 millionth time, Grace tells them she doesn't know anything about Malaga. 
  • They ask her where Jonathan is and she's confused—isn't this about what happened to Mrs. Alves?  
  • "It is," Mendoza said severely. "It is very much about Mrs. Alves. So I'll ask you again: Where is your husband, Mrs. Sachs? (12.205)" 
  • Come on, Grace. How are you not connecting the dots? 
  • She tells them Jonathan's at a medical conference, and if he weren't there he'd be at work. They ask where he works and she tells them: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital. 
  • Grace imagines herself on a rope bridge with each rope that's keeping her stable beginning to snap. 
  • Somebody named O'Malley (Stop the presses—we found a typo! Korelitz pretty clearly means O'Rourke here) asks if it's possible she doesn't know that Jonathan doesn't work at Memorial any more. 
  • According to his boss, Jonathan was fired in March after his third violation of the hospital code of conduct.  
  • Keep in mind these events are taking place in December, so Jonathan has been unemployed for nine months and his wife didn't know. 
  • The detectives ask her where he is again—she still doesn't know. He told her he was going to a medical conference in the Midwest. 
  • We welcome back O'Rourke, who points out that Jonathan's phone is in her apartment and asks why she didn't mention that earlier.  
  • Grace says they didn't ask where his phone was; they asked where he was and that's not the same thing. 
  • Grace mentally hears her therapist self ask if that explanation makes sense to her, and Mendoza asks the same thing.  
  • She tells the cops she's not saying they're making any of this up, but she truly doesn't know anything and she obviously has a lot to talk to Jonathan about in private. 
  • O'Rourke asks if she wants to know why Jonathan got fired. 
  • She doesn't, but she assumes it was because he didn't get along with his boss. 
  • That's not why. The detectives have Jonathan's confidential employment records, obtained by court order. 
  • "All right. From 2007 to 2012, multiple citations for harassment involving staff. Two citations pertaining to cash gifts received from patients' families. Two citations for inappropriate contact with patients' families" (12.211).  
  • Grace calls BS, but O'Rourke continues. Jonathan received a formal warning for a physical confrontation in which he broke two of another doctor's fingers and caused a laceration that required two stitches. 
  • Grace is incredulous and remembers when Jonathan broke his tooth, but he told her he fell in the stairwell.  
  • She tries to object, but the detectives tell her that the other doctor was stitched up in the ER at memorial and gave a statement to the police. 
  • Grace feels like somebody has written a horror story about her life. Unfortunately, they're still not done. 
  • In February, Jonathan had a disciplinary hearing for inappropriate contact with another family member of a patient. 
  • Grace freaks out, reframing this accusation as Jonathan caring about his patients and their families who are going through a hard time.  
  • She realizes that he might hug somebody, but he wouldn't do anything inappropriate and it's a horrible thing to accuse him of. 
  • Mendoza's about to tell her the patient's name and Grace says that's private information. 
  • She realizes that she already knows what they're about to say, but it's the last thing keeping her sane.  
  • Jonathan's patient was Miguel Alves...meaning Malaga Alves was the family member he "contacted inappropriately." 
  • Jonathan is the worst.  
  • Mendoza says he already told Grace not to protect him—so they weren't talking about Henry like she assumed—and they will find Jonathan wherever he is. If she knows anything, she needs to tell them. 
  • "But Grace said nothing, because her mouth was full of wind, because nothing was left to hold her up and she had fallen, was falling, was going to fall forever." (12.213)

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