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You Should Have Known Chapter Twenty-Four: Somebody Else Entirely

By Jean Hanff Korelitz

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Somebody Else Entirely

In this edition of the book, Chapter 24 is pages 426-438.

  • Grace calls her agent, Sarabeth, who says she's left tons of messages. 
  • We seriously almost forgot she was supposed to publish a book. 
  • Anyway, she tells Sarabeth she was trying to run away, and Sarabeth says she's been worried about Grace as a friend. 
  • Sarabeth asks her to come in and talk to the publishing team to figure everything out. 
  • Grace says she'd rather not. They're completely justified in being upset with her, but she's totally prepared to reimburse them for breaking her contract. 
  • Sarabeth is silent for a minute, then says Grace should have listened to her message instead of filling in her own side of the conversation because it's not the right one.  
  • Her editor has no interest in being reimbursed and they still want to publish her book. 
  • Sarabeth says Grace has gone from an unknown to a very different kind of author, and a lot of people will be interested in hearing what she has to say. 
  • The publisher doesn't want to exploit her and wants to help her handle everything with dignity. 
  • Grace is mildly stunned. She truly thought she was done with the book deal and had put it out of her mind.  
  • Sarabeth laughs and says they'll want her to write a new foreword, but it's an important book with the potential to reach a lot of people.  
  • Grace suggests a date she could come in to talk and apologizes again. Grace hangs up. 
  • She's in her apartment, packing everything up. 
  • The sheer size of the task has kept her from being too sad. Everything that reminds her of Jonathan or their marriage goes—so, almost everything. 
  • She tries to resell the Birkin bag she loves so much, but they tell her it's a copy. 
  • After all of Jonathan's lies, she still can't believe Jonathan made up the charming story of how he bought the bag. 
  • The backstory made her love him even more, and even that story was a manipulative trick. 
  • Grace throws the bag away. 
  • The photographs are the hardest part. They're part of her and Henry's history, but she can't remove Jonathan from them. 
  • Frederich is coming tomorrow to bring them to Eva's place on Long Island, where they'll stay until she or Henry want to look at them.  
  • Her dad's also bringing the wedding china, which Eva was more than happy to give Grace. 
  • Detective O'Rourke comes up to her apartment and remarks that she's really leaving.  
  • She asks why he's there. 
  • They found Jonathan. 
  • Grace asks if he was in Canada and O'Rourke says he was actually in Brazil. 
  • The letter really was from him and was mailed from North Dakota, but the detectives don't think he was ever there.  
  • He probably paid someone or found somebody willing to mail it for him. 
  • Grace asks why Jonathan would tell her he was in Canada if he wasn't, and O'Rourke says it's a great place to mail a letter from if you're trying to leave the country.  
  • Grace points out that Jonathan didn't mail the letter, so why did he even write it? 
  • O'Rourke says maybe it was just to mess with Grace's head. Some people won't ever pass up that opportunity. He used try to understand it, but he doesn't try anymore.  
  • "‘You wrote the book about it right?' No, she thought. That was somebody else entirely" (24.433).  
  • O'Rourke points out that the letter also helped Jonathan mislead the police until they got a call from Interpol that he'd been found in Brazil.  
  • Mendoza is already there to file an extradition request. 
  • O'Rourke says they both just wanted Grace to hear that news from them, and they appreciate that she tried to help them. 
  • He compliments Grace's packing system, and she asks if he needs any more of Jonathan's things. 
  • He doesn't. 
  • Neither of them are talking, and Grace isn't sure what to do. She's not up for small talk but doesn't want to just close the door. 
  • O'Rourke says he'll kick himself tomorrow if he doesn't say anything, but he knows a family whose kid he arrested last year. He was a good kid, but he picked the wrong friends. O'Rourke misplaced the paperwork for his case. 
  • Anyway, he says he knows Grace is donating all the furniture, but if she wanted to help this family, he could take it to them, 
  • She says absolutely. They can have whatever they want.  
  • This gesture makes O'Rourke's day. 
  • He says that he and Mendoza knew pretty quickly that she didn't know anything, and they both felt bad for what they put her through. She wasn't a bad person.
    • "Just...picked the wrong friends, right?"
    • "Picked the wrong guy. it happens all the time."
    • Don't I know it, Grace thought (24.437). 
  • O'Rourke gets on the elevator and Grace listens to the familiar gears churning as it descends, bringing him down to the lobby of her old home, "on the street where she used to live" (24.438. 
  • On that reflective and slightly optimistic note, we're out.

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