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Basic Algebra - Solving Multiple Equations by Graphing

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Solving Multiple Equations by Graphing

Occasionally we'll be given two linear equations, also known as a system of linear equations, and asked to solve for x and y.

There are tons of different ways to solve a system of linear equations, including graphing the lines, substitution, and elimination. However, in pre-algebra we'll only touch on the first: solving by graphing.

Solve for x AND y:

y = 2x - 2

y = -3/2x + 5

What this question is really asking: find the (x, y) point where these lines meet. 

How to Solve Systems of Equations by Graphing

Graph both lines on the same coordinate grid. Since they're both in slope-intercept form, we can do this by plotting the intercepts, then using the slope to find another point.


It's pretty clear that these lines meet at the point (2, 2), which is our answer!

Look Out: be sure to write your answer as a point in (x, y) form.

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