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Linear Equations and Functions Introduction

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Linear Equations and Functions Introduction

If you've ever thought of linear functions as being boring, prepare to be blown away. If you've never thought that, also prepare to be blown away. What we're getting at here is, this is some mind-blowing stuff we're going to cover here. We're going to dive deep into their equations, their graphs, and every possible way to find the both of them that we could think of.

Then we'll really start to mix it up. Remember inequalities? How about absolute values? Well now we're making linear functions out of them. We'll even be splicing pieces of functions together into new, sometimes disjointed forms.

Linear Equations and Functions Resources


Purplemath: Graphing Absolute Value Functions
When absolute values and functions collide, the results can be a little strange. If we treat like just any old linear function, we'll make mistakes. This page helps point out the pitfalls of using those deceptive little bars.

Math Is Fun: Linear Equations
All the basics of linear equations sitting on one page. Mighty convenient.

Cool Math: Graphing Linear Inequalities
Linear inequalities got you down? Let this colorful explanation lift your spirits.


Patrick Just Math Tutorials: Graphing a Piece-Wise Defined Function—Another Example
Go Patrick, go. Teach that piecewise function who's boss.

Domain, Range, Functions, and Relations
Find the domain and range of a function using some spare rope in your backyard.

Khan Academy: Linear Equations in Standard Form
Khaaaaan! can walk us through working with standard form. Thanks, Khaaaaan.

Games and Tools

Quia: Linear Inequalities Game
Make mad money by identifying the correct linear inequality. It seems a bit fishy to us, honestly. Why don't you try it first?

Math Playground: Save the Zogs
Rescue cute, googly-eyed alien critters by determining the equation of the line they make.

Math is Fun: Function Grapher and Calculator
Graph one or two functions in slope-intercept form, all without needing to pick up a pencil.

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