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Radicals, Powers, and Roots Introduction

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Radicals, Powers, and Roots Introduction

Totally Radical, Dude

Every surfer movie we've ever seen constantly has characters that use phrases like "gnarly waves," "surf's up," and "radical, dude." Lucky for you, after this chapter, you and surfers will have some of this exquisite vocab in common.

Okay, okay. Maybe you won't go around telling people their outfit today is totally gnarly, but at least you'll be able to use the word "radical" and know what it means. This chapter is all about powers, roots, and radicals. While you may have been able to gather that from the title, you may not have known that this means you'll be looking at exponent rules, properties of square roots, solving crazy exponential equations, and don't forget about graphing. We'll even introduce you to a gnarly new number, i. And yes, we just wrote the number i. So without further ado… surf's up!

Radicals, Powers, and Roots Resources


Let's Get Rational
It may seem lame for us to just give you a YouTube link, but this one is special. It's a link to one of PatrickJMT's videos. These are great, and there's a ton of him. Don't be afraid to check out his whole YouTube channel.

Developing a Complex
Extension time. This Virtual Nerd video shows you how to graph, yes graph, complex numbers. Check it out. It might be useful someday. Oh, and there are other Virtual Nerd videos too, just in case you're not quite ready to make the jump into imaginary mathematics.


Radical Tutorials Galore
This could technically go under tools or videos, but there's a lot to do here. You can watch a 14-minute video all about radical equations, download a 27-question practice sheet, or just do a few guided practice problems right there. Don't be afraid to surf around for more topics.

Practice Makes Perfect
Need more radical practice? Here you go. CPM provides an overview in case you forget, a ton of practice problems, and even the answers. This gives a new meaning to the age-old expression, "simplifying radicals 'til you drop." You've heard that one, right?

There's a Calculator for That
Need to calculate an exponent? Here's your site. That's literally all it is. No frills; just the good stuff.

Graphing Made Easy
Check out this super handy graphing calculator. You're welcome.


Take a Note from Paul's Book
Paul's Notes is where it's at if you're a reader, not a watcher. No, that has nothing to do with being a lover, not a fighter. Or does it?

Do You Have to Be so Negative?
The Math Dude knows what's up. This is the link to the negative exponents page of his site, but he has other solid info on there as well.

Still Want More Explanation?
Purplemath has yet another form of explanation for the web-reader in all of us. Whatever radical topic you need, they have it.

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