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Sequences and Series Introduction

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Sequences and Series Introduction

Schindler's List
, grocery lists, checklists, and even this list of lists: okay, you get it. There are many different types of lists. Are you ready for this? There are different types of math lists, too. These are called sequences.

Stay with us, Shmoopers, and you'll not only know exactly what sequences are, but you'll also be able to figure out exactly what numbers are allowed on each list, write out math-tastic rules describing these lists, and even know a couple of impressive terms used to categorize the lists. Once we're done there, we'll take the numbers in the lists and add 'em all up using this guy: ∑. He may look frightening, but he'll be cute and cuddly in no time. Trust us.

Sequences and Series Resources


Videos Galore
This place has it all: more explanations, videos, and worked problems. Just scroll down to sequences and series and watch until your heart is content.

Hippos and Math
Videos, videos, videos! Some of our favorites for this chapter. Get your popcorn ready.

Colored Pens and Sequences
This is a pretty basic arithmetic sequence explanation in video form. It's a great supplement to our Shmooptastic explanations.

Games and Tools

So Many Skills, Such Little Time
Here you can find interactive quizzes to really make sure you get it. Scroll down to Number Sequences or try your hand on a different topic.


They're More Useful Than You Think
We taught you the basics, now go get your application on. Here you can see how geometric series can be used for all kinds of stuff, from finance to Greek philosophy.

Notes Worth Studying
Paul's Notes is an online math gem. His explanations are a little involved (and you need to understand the definition of a limit). But if you're dying to know more about sequences, Paul is your man.

Quick Tips
The Math Dude: simple yet cool. After the brief text explanations, don't forget about the video links near the end.

Geometric Mortgages
This page tells us how to use geometric series to figure out our mortgage payments. Who knew?!?

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