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12 Angry Men Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Juror #8 realizes that he might not be able to convince the other men of a "Not Guilty" verdict if they keep going around the room. So he risks everything by asking for a secret ballot and gets the men to vote again. He says if all eleven men vote for a "Guilty" verdict, he'll go with them and send the kid to the chair.
  • The votes come back to Juror #1, who reads them out loud. One by one, he reads the word "Guilty" until he arrives at one that says "Not Guilty."
  • We find out after some argument that it was the old man, Juror #9, who ended up changing his vote. While he tries to explain why, Juror #7 walks out of the room. So Juror #1 decides to have the whole group take a break, and they start to banter.
  • Juror #3 (the angry dude) tries to apologize to Juror #5 (the dude from the slums) about getting mad at him, but #5 just walks back to his chair.

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