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12 Angry Men Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Juror #11 steps up and gives a speech about how the men shouldn't fight anymore. He finds it amazing that their democracy allows them to decide the fate of someone else in their community.
  • Juror #6 asks for another vote, and Juror #10 wants it to be an open vote. After the vote, the jurors are now tied 6 to 6.
  • Juror #10 is sick of discussing things, and he's sick of facts, because he thinks facts can be twisted whichever way someone wants. But for Juror #9, this is exactly the point. The facts of this case can be twisted, and that's why the boy needs to go free.
  • Juror #9 starts getting riled up, but he needs to sit down because of the heat. He is really old, after all.
  • At this point, the rain starts coming down really hard. Jurors #1 and #8 have a chat. Juror #1 tells a story about his coaching gig at one of the local high schools. Meanwhile, Juror #7 happily gets the fan working.

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