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12 Angry Men Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • After the most recent vote, Juror #10 flips out again and says that the kid and all the others like him (i.e. people of color) are born with dishonesty in their veins. They're also born killers. But the more this dude talks, the more people stand up and walk away from him. When he's finished ranting, Juror #4 tells him to sit down and not open his mouth again.
  • Juror #8 says that they need to overcome their prejudices if they want to come to a decent verdict. But he's still quite sure that they have a reasonable doubt about the boy's guilt.
  • The nine who have voted "Not Guilty" now need the three holdouts to explain their positions.
  • Juror #4 says he still says Guilty because of the testimony of the woman from across the street, who specifically says she saw the boy grip the knife overhanded and stab his father with a downwards motion. Juror #3 agrees with him. But now they want to know what Juror #8 says about all that. He doesn't answer, so they call another vote and one of them goes back to a "Guilty" vote. Now it's 8 to 4 for "Guilty."
  • Now the old Juror #9 starts in on Juror #4 for rubbing his nose all the time. His glasses pinch the sides of his nose and leave a couple of marks. Juror #9 mentions that the woman who gave eyewitness testimony of the murder also had these marks, and yet she didn't wear glasses to court. So now they're figuring out that the woman should have been wearing glasses when she saw the murder, but she wasn't. Unless they're all willing to believe that the woman sleeps with her glasses on.
  • The argument at this point is that the men can't convict a boy who was allegedly seen by a woman with visual impairment from sixty feet away through the windows of a passing train at night. At this point, Juror #12 goes back to a "Not Guilty" verdict. And Jurors #4 and #10 change to "Not Guilty." So now it's just Juror #3 who's holding out on the "Guilty" verdict.
  • Juror #3 goes off on a huge rant about how the kid must be guilty. But the men all just stare at him in silence. As the man finishes ranting, he glances down and sees a photo of his son. Then he tears up the photo and goes off on another story about how kids don't appreciate their fathers. So it's clear that his own feelings about his son are making him prejudiced against the boy on trial. In the end, he breaks down crying and gives a verdict of "Not Guilty."
  • Juror #1 goes to knock on the door and tells the bailiff that they're ready to give their verdict.
  • The men file out, but Juror #8 stays behind to hand #3 his jacket. They are the last two to leave.

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