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12 Monkeys Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Cole is set up in the time machine, which looks terrifyingly shoddy.
  • The Scientists ensure Cole they are sending him to 1996, right on the money. He is launched back in time and drops right into the middle of a World War I skirmish.
  • So…right on the money, give or take a few decades and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The French soldiers are understandably confused to find a bald, naked, English-speaking man dropped in the middle of their trench.
  • They point their guns at him—which, let's be honest, is an appropriate response to the circumstance.
  • A bomb goes off. A man on a stretcher is dropped next to Cole. It's Jose.
  • Cole crawls toward his friend but is shot in the leg. He cries out in pain as he is thrust through time once again.

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