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12 Monkeys Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Cole and Railly make it to Philadelphia. They drive around to city montage footage.
  • He tells her to stop the car and jumps out to show her graffiti left by the Army of the 12 Monkeys.
  • Railly shuts the door and has the opportunity to meep-meep it out of there.
  • But before she can channel her inner Road Runner, her conscious gets the better of her. She decides to stay and help Cole through his delusions.
  • Cole continues to look for graffiti when he hears a man with a raspy voice say, "You can't hide from them, Bob."
  • An old homeless man reveals himself and tells Cole "they" can hear everything…thanks to tracking devices in his tooth.
  • Following the graffiti trail, Cole takes Railly into an abandoned theater. Inside, two men assault them.
  • Cole brutally kills them both with his bare hands. Well, his bare hands and a load-bearing column.
  • Railly realizes Cole never had a gun, but it's kind of a moot point seeing as he has one now.

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