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12 Monkeys Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Cole sneaks into the mansion.
  • While Dr. Goines gives a speech at a dinner in his honor, a security guard pulls Jeffery Goines aside and says they found someone on the grounds, someone who says he knows him.
  • Goines takes a look at Cole and says he's never seen him, but Cole mentions he's here about 12 monkeys.
  • Goines changes his tune and takes Cole to a stairwell where they can talk in private.
  • Cole asks Goines for a sample of the virus, and Goines claims Cole is on about "his old plan" again. Cole attacks Goines for the information.
  • Security guards intervene, and we get a lovely chase scene through a black-tie event while Goines shouts his patented brand of crazy from the stairwell. Good times.

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