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12 Monkeys Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Dr. Railly calls Dr. Fletcher for some good ol' fashion reasoning, because she is flipping out over Cole knowing the Neuman kid was hiding in a barn.
  • Dr. Fletcher claims that she knows what's real and what isn't—she is, after all, a psychiatrist. Railly isn't so sure.
  • Back in the future, Cole and the man with the raspy voice have some quality one-on-one time. The man convinces Cole that he knows what he wants, which is to "to see the sky and the ocean. To be topside. Breathe the air. To be with…her."
  • Railly is awoken from what looks to be a rough dream by the telephone. It's Detective Halperin, and he's got the ballistic reports on that bullet she removed from Cole's leg.
  • All signs point to it being an antique, fired sometime prior to 1920.
  • Railly goes nuts through her research. She finds a picture from World War I; it shows Cole reaching for an injured Jose.
  • On the bright side, she finally knows where she's seen James Cole before, but we're guessing she may have a few dozen other questions now.

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