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12 Monkeys Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Railly stands outside the Freedom for Animals Association shouting for them to let her in while Jeffery Goines sits inside planning his, um, plan.
  • The homeless man—you know, the one who may or may not be the raspy voice guy from the future—interrupts Railly to tell her she's being watched by the police. She asks him to get a message to Cole, but he doesn't know who that is.
  • Railly turns the manic up a notch and starts spray-painting the FAA building. Cole arrives and admits that he's crazy.
  • He tries to flag down the police, but Railly stops him and drags him away. Cole recognizes Railly's spray paint—it's the same one the Scientists showed him in the future.
  • At the FAA, Fale wants to know how Railly knows everything about the so-called secretive Army of the 12 Monkeys. Goines has a theory about that.
  • He believes they studied his brain so intensely during his time in the institution that they were able to create a computer simulation to determine his every move.
  • You know, given all the crazy things the characters in this movie say, that's may be the craziest.
  • A member of the 12 Monkeys tells Goines he's a great man. (We rescind our previous statement; that is definitely the craziest.)

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