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12 Monkeys Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Railly brings Cole to a no-tell hotel to lay low.
  • When they head to their room, the hotel receptionist calls someone named Donnie and asks if Wallace has a new girl.
  • In the room, Railly asks Cole what happened to him after he disappeared from the forest. Cole claims he's mentally divergent, but Railly's changed her tune. She can't explain how he ended up with a bullet from WWI in his leg.
  • Cole confesses that he wants 1996 to be the present and to be with her. They embrace.
  • The door crashes open. Heeere's Wallace, and Wallace is a pimp, and Wallace isn't too happy about Railly scalping in his territory.
  • Railly tries to explain it's a misunderstanding, but Wallace has none of it. He attacks her.
  • Cole will have none of that. He attacks Wallace and drags him into the bathroom.
  • Railly pleas with him not to kill the pimp. She hears screaming from the bathroom.
  • Cole comes out bleeding. He has used Wallace's switchblade to extract his own teeth in a bit of DIY dentistry. You know, just in case the Scientists did put tracking devices in there.
  • He really doesn't want to go back to the future.

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