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12 Monkeys Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Railly proclaims Cole as mentally ill, and he gets a police escort to a mental hospital where he gets the rough brush treatment again. Have these people never heard of a loofah?
  • Billings, the orderly, tricks a patient, Jeffery Goines, into giving Cole the grand tour of the mental ward.
  • Goines shows Cole around. The man is one part museum docent, two parts Marxist adjunct professor hopped up on caffeine and righteous anger at the system. His rant can't be summarized here; just make sure to watch it for yourself.
  • A man named L.J. Washington pulls Cole aside. He tells Cole that he is "mentally divergent," believing he comes from a planet called Ogo where he plans to attack the barbarian hordes of Pluto.
  • Washington realizes this reality is a product of his own psyche to help him escape the horrors of his reality. He asks if Cole is mentally divergent, too.
  • Washington also wears bunny slippers.

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