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12 Monkeys Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • The next day, Goines and Cole watch a news story about scientists operating on animals. Cole wonders if maybe the human race deserves to be destroyed. Goines thinks that's a solid idea, but more long-term.
  • The orderlies come by to give Cole his meds.
  • Sometime later, after Cole is good and high, Goines swings by and gives him the key to the door. He then initiates a riot in the institution as a distraction.
  • Cole tries to escape, but his head has been nuked by those meds and he can't get his legs to cooperate.
  • At the elevator, the security guard seems to change into the warden from the future, who tells Cole to use the other elevator.
  • Cole is cornered and is, let's say, subdued by the orderlies. During the struggle, he returns the favor and "subdues" some of them in the face.
  • He's restrained on a hospital bed and moved into a locked room.

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