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A Beautiful Mind Scenes 1-5

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Scenes 1-5

Scenes 1-5

Scene 1

  • The music over the credits is super-dramatic—we're already feeling inspired and amped up, and the movie hasn't even started yet.
  • We're at Princeton in September 1947. We get our first glimpse of John Nash.
  • A professor-type at the front of a big lecture hall is welcoming these young guys to Princeton and asking them who's going to be the next big thinker. The subject area: mathematics.

Scene 2

  • Now John Nash is at a party welcoming the new students. John's appraising the world around him, including the light and another guy's tie…which John then announces is ugly.
  • Not a people person, that John.
  • There's some banter among the new students, and John and another guy named Hansen end up trading insults. Looks like the Princeton math program really isn't the place for warm and fuzzy types.
  • We learn that two of the incoming students are sharing the super prestigious Carnegie fellowship: John and Hansen. Hmm, no wonder there's so much tension between the two of them.

Scene 3

  • John's back in his dorm setting up his room and staring out the window. His roommate shows up.
  • The roommate seems…interesting.
  • He turns off John's opera music and starts talking about hangovers. His name is Charles.

Scene 4

  • Now John is drawing on the window (um, buddy, don't you have a security deposit or something?) and Charles is fresh from a shower.
  • John is trying to concentrate, and Charles is desperately trying to buddy up to his new roomie. When John refuses to bite, Charles hops up on the desk and asks John to drink with him.
  • John smiles.

Scene 5

  • Charles and John are now getting to know each other.
  • John's talking about the fact that he's not super great with people (color us shocked). John also says he doesn't have time for class—he needs to find an original idea to publish on.

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