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A Man for All Seasons Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • More ends up receiving a brief family visit. But the guard has only let them in so they can try to convince More to sign the oath. Margaret says he should sign the oath, but think otherwise in his heart.
  • More says it's not that easy—an oath is words one says to God.
  • Then, she argues that he's electing to be a hero—but this isn't convincing either.
  • Finally, she resorts to telling him how terrible life has been and how poor they are without him. More says this is like torture, but he still won't sign.
  • Thomas tells them all to flee the country once they leave the jail. He tries to get Alice to say she understands what he's doing, but she'll only say she understands he's the best man she's ever known.
  • Their short visit's up, and the jailer hurries them out.

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