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Airplane! Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • On the ground in Chicago, McCroskey readies the rescue units.
  • Meanwhile, Rex Kramer gives instructions to McCroskey on his car phone.
  • Turns out that Kramer knows Ted from the war. From this experience, Kramer understands full well that Ted has ability, but serious confidence issues.
  • Back in the air, Ted dons his headset and checks the controls. He loses control instantly, but manages to level the plane.
  • In the cabin, one of the passengers starts to lose it. She's promptly "calmed" by a throng of passengers who take turns slapping her back to reality with everything from open hands to wrenches to pistols.
  • "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking," McCroskey laments, taking a swig from a flask.
  • Meanwhile, Kramer arrives at the airport. Whereas other characters were slowed down by the various folks asking for donations in the airport lobby, Kramer starts punching them out left and right.
  • Kramer and McCroskey meet and agree on a plan to help Ted get the plane down safely.
  • Kramer gets on the radio with Ted. It's clear there's tension between the two characters.
  • Though Kramer explains to McCroskey that they must build up Ted's confidence, that plan quickly backfires.
  • "Striker," he asks, "have you ever flown a multi-engine plane before?" "No, never," Ted responds. "There's no way he can land this plane!" Kramer grumbles to McCroskey, while Ted overhears.
  • Ted disengages the automatic pilot, and the plane immediately starts shaking. Elaine sits copilot.

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