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Airplane! Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Aboard the plane, Elaine performs her flight attendant duties, and Captain Oveur takes his seat in the cockpit. We meet Roger Murdoch, the co-pilot.
  • Meanwhile Ted's at the ticket counter. When the agent asks if he wants smoking or non-smoking (an actual option in those days if you can believe it), he replies "Smoking."
  • She hands him a ticket that's literally smoking.
  • Back in Ted's cab, his passenger's still sitting and watching the meter run up.
  • Ted approaches the plane, and the dramatic, dissonant score highlights his fear.
  • The screen fades to grainy black and white footage of fighter planes, as Ted experiences a flashback in a daze. "The decision to proceed is yours," a voice repeats.
  • On board, we meet the "jive dudes" as well as some of the other passengers, including the sick little girl who's hooked up to an I.V.
  • Ted reaches his seat on the plane, and strikes up a conversation with his seatmate. "Nervous?" she asks. "Yes," he responds." "First time?" she continues, referring of course to the airplane ride. "No," Ted says. "I've been nervous lots of times."
  • Better start getting used to jokes like this one, showcasing the film's trademark wordplay and overly literal humor.
  • At last it's time to take off, as pilot Clarence Oveur, co-pilot Roger, and navigator Victor run into some confusion with the air traffic controllers.

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