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All About Eve Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

Composed by Alfred Newman

Alfred Newman was a pioneer of film score composition, scoring over 200 films during his career. Newman was a pioneer in the field, and his All About Eve score shows off his trademark dramatic style.

All About Eve is a film about the theater, and Newman's score is almost like an abbreviated version of a Broadway musical. It features an overture that Newman recalls throughout the film. Plus it's very 1950s in feel, full of sensational fanfare and Hollywood glamour.

However, because film scores weren't a big deal around Eve's time, his score is quite short, and featured only at key moments, like when introducing characters or during Eve's award ceremony. If Newman were alive during the time of Hans Zimmer or John Williams, his tracks would probably fill a double-length album, but as is, most of his songs are two minutes or less.


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