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All About Eve "Phoebe" (Barbara Bates)

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"Phoebe" (Barbara Bates)

Erasmus B. Draggin'

Phoebe, whatever her real name may be, is one of Eve's fans, a girl who sneaks into Eve's hotel suite after the award ceremony. She's the president of the Erasmus Hall Eve Harrington Fan Club, and Eve seems to quickly get over the fact that there's a strange girl in her bedroom. Is she too tired or drunk to care? It's apparent to the audience, but not to Eve, that Phoebe's the next Eve. She made up her own name, as Eve did; she finagled her way into Eve's private life, the way Eve did with Margo. However, Phoebe's even bolder than Eve was. She just sneaks into Eve's room while Eve's gone, not needing a Karen type to welcome her in. Since Eve doesn't have any friends, Phoebe has to use this method.

Phoebe immediately sucks up to Eve, cleaning up her spilled drink and helping her pack for Hollywood. Phoebe tells Eve, "I don't care if I never get home," which makes us think Phoebe's along for the ride. When Hollywood runs out of old ideas to rehash, we imagine we'll finally see the All About Eve sequel: All About Phoebe.

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