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All About Eve Summary

All About Eve Summary

We begin at the ceremony for the prestigious Sarah Siddons Award, an award for accomplishment in the theater. An old man talks about acting and the theatre and…wake us when this guy is done. This is more boring than watching all four hours of the Academy Awards.

Oh, good, a voiceover: Addison DeWitt, smarmy theater critic (redundant?), interrupts Methuselah to introduce us to all the major characters: 

  • Margo Channing, reigning queen of the Broadway stage
  • Karen Richards, playwright's wife and BFF with Margo
  • Lloyd Richards, playwright's wife's husband (i.e. playwright)
  • Bill Sampson, director
  • And finally...Eve Harrington

Let's find out all about Eve, shall we? 

Just as Eve reaches for her award, the screen is paused in freeze frame and we flash back… not all the way back to Adam, but a few months to when everyone first met Eve.

Eve is Margo's biggest fan. She sees every performance of her Broadway play, Aged in Wood. After Karen introduces Eve to Margo, everyone loves Eve. Margo hires her as her assistant, and before she knows it, Eve has wormed her way into Margo's life.

The tipping point is when Eve schedules a phone call (using a real-life telephone operator, the Siri of the 1950s) to Margo's boyfriend, Bill, without her knowledge and sends Bill a telegram herself. 

Is that scheming hussy threatening to take Margo's man?

Margo thinks so, but everyone else thinks Margo's just crazy jealous. See, ancient, grizzled old Margo (she's forty) is insecure about her age and what it means for her career, and her friends think she's taking her frustration out on Eve. At Bill's welcome home party, Margo warns everyone, "Buckle your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night." Margo gets drunk, treats her pals like garbage, and makes everyone mad at her.

In the aftermath, sweet, young, innocent Eve (she still has everyone tricked) finagles her way into the theater as Margo's understudy. Margo is furious, having an argument with Lloyd and Billin so nasty that Bill leaves her. Karen wants to teach Margo a lesson about humility, so she finds a way for Eve to perform as the lead in the play for one night. Coincidentally (read: totally on purpose due to Eve's conniving plans) all of New York's critics are at Eve's bravura performance, writing rave reviews.

Eve teams up with Addison, who writes a scathing article about crusty old Margo being too old and crusty to be on stage. Bill returns to Margo to comfort her, and she decides to quit acting and marry him. The movie acts like this is a good thing. With Margo out of the picture, Eve has free rein. She tries to seduce Bill, and fails, so she tries to steal Lloyd from Karen, and fails. Despite clearly being a manipulative crazy person, she is awarded the lead in Lloyd's next play.

Before the play opens, Addison exposes all of Eve's lies. 

  • Her name isn't Eve. 
  • Her whole backstory was made up. 
  • He knows she did everything she did just to be a star. 

Eve throws a fit that Addison called her out on all her deception, and she refuses to act that night. Addison orders her to perform, and to do her best. He's in control of her now.

Voilà—we're back at the beginning of the movie as Eve, unfrozen, receives her Sarah Siddons Award for being Broadway's best actress. Her former friends glower in the audience, completely disgusted and unimpressed. After receiving her award, Eve returns to her hotel room, where a strange girl is lurking. The girl introduces herself as Phoebe, the president of the Eve Harrington Fan Club. Eve lets the girl stay, and implies that the girl can come with her to Hollywood.

Addison arrives at Eve's room with her award, which she left in the cab. He gives the award to Phoebe, who secretly puts on Eve's award ceremony cloak and stares at herself in the mirror, pretending the award is hers. 

Looks like we have another Eve on our hands...

  • Scene 1

    Scene 1

    • You're cordially invited to the ceremony for the Sarah Siddons Award, a distinguished award for people in the theatre, or, to be pretentious enough to fit in here, the theaTUH!
    • A crusty old man talks and talks, but we hear nothing he says over the voice of a narrator, who tells us the Sarah Siddons Award will go to Eve Harrington. After all, this is "all about Eve."
    • The narrator is Addison DeWitt, theatre critic. "I am essential to the theatre," he says. Yeah, he's just a smidge full of himself.
    • Addison's voiceover introduces us to all the key players in the room.
    • First, Karen Richards, the playwright's wife, decked out in strand after strand of pearls.
    • Next to her, Lloyd Richards, her husband, the playwright who wrote the play that rocketed Eve to stardom.
    • Then there's Max Fabian, a producer.
    • We then meet Margo Channing, another star of the theater. And what a star, "a great star, a true star" with her big Bette Davis eyes! (Because she's played by Bette Davis.)
    • Finally, Addison shuts his trap, and the crusty old man gets to the point, ready to present the award, which he picks up with little effort. We think that award might be hollow. Like a chocolate Easter bunny.
    • He talks about Eve's youth and beauty and artistry, "her humility," her love, etc., etc. We're going to be as old as this guy by the time he's done.
    • Finally, he presents the award to Miss Eve Harrington. Everyone claps.
    • Eve, in her sparkly gown, stands and gives a gracious bow.
    • Oh, remember how we said everyone claps? Karen and Margo most definitely do not.
    • Addison freezes the frame just as Eve reaches for the award.
    • He says we all know all about Eve, but we don't.
    • The narrator shifts to Karen, who says it all began a lifetime ago… in early October.
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2

    • It's a dark and stormy October night outside a Broadway theater where Margo Channing is performing Aged in Wood.
    • Karen arrives in a luscious fur coat, and wonders about the strange girl who always hangs around outside the theater.
    • Oh, there she is in the alleyway. It's Eve, in a plain raincoat and plainer hat.
    • Eve approaches Karen, who wonders why Eve watches Margo's play six nights a week. She's seen every performance of the same play because, well, it's Margo Channing.
    • Because Eve's such a big fan, Karen drags her into Margo's dressing room to meet her idol.
    • Excited to be back stage, Eve looks out at the auditorium. All the seats are empty, and the cleaning crew is vacuuming the rows.
    • Inside Margo's dressing room, there's raucous laughter.
    • Karen goes inside first, gives her husband, Lloyd, a smooch, and sits next to Margo, who's describing an interview she had with a Southern reporter.
    • Margo turns to Lloyd, the playwright, and asks him to write a nice normal play about a woman who shoots her husband.
    • Karen defends her husband's play, and Margo says she's sorry, she's just shooting off her big mouth.
    • Karen says she brought in one of Margo's fans to meet her, and after some debate, Margo agrees to meet her.
    • She introduces Eve to Lloyd, Margo, and Margo's smart-mouthed assistant, Birdie.
    • Lloyd asks if Eve likes the play, and Eve says she'd like anything Margo was in. Suck-up alert.
    • Eve says she doesn't have friends or family or anywhere to go, so she sees the play every night. Yes, that sounds normal.
    • She first saw Margo Channing in San Francisco, where she was still as obsessive, seeing every performance.
    • "When the show went east, I went east," she says.
    • According to Eve, she was an only child in Wisconsin. (Making cheese, we guess.)
    • Obsessed with theater and acting (maybe on the farm she put on plays with cows— Romoo and Mooliet or A Midsummer Night's Cream), she couldn't tell the real from unreal anymore. "The unreal seemed more real to me," she says.
    • When she moved to Milwaukee, she met Eddie, a radio technician, whom she married before he went to war.
    • Eve went to meet Eddie in San Francisco on leave.
    • However, Eddie ended up with permanent leave. He was dead.
    • Eve stayed in San Francisco, and there she saw Margo Channing in Remembrance.
    • When her sob story concludes, Margo wipes her eyes on a tissue, and Birdie cracks a sarcastic remark. She's not feeling it.
    • A new arrival sweeps in, a man who can't believe Margo isn't ready yet, even though his plane leaves in less than an hour.
    • It's Bill Sampson, Margo's boyfriend and the director of the play.
    • Karen introduces him to Eve.
    • Eve excuses herself, but Margo doesn't want Eve to go. She invites her to tag along to the airport.
    • Lloyd and Karen depart, leaving Eve alone with Bill.
    • Bill's going to Hollywood, but Eve doesn't understand why he'd want to leave the theatre.
    • He rants about Hollywood still being theatre. "It may not be your theatre, but it's theatre for somebody somewhere!"
    • Eve says she just asked a simple question, and Bill apologizes.
    • She says he must return from Hollywood. He explains he's only directing one picture, then he'll come back.
    • Margo emerges from the bathroom. She can't find her earring, so she decides to just wear one. What would Joan Rivers think?
  • Scene 3

    Scene 3

    • At the airport, Eve suggests she can get the plane tickets so Bill and Margo can spend time alone. The TSA would not approve of this today.
    • Margo tells Bill she's developed a "big protective feeling" toward Eve, "a lamb loose in our big stone jungle."
    • Bill embraces Margo, who tells him not to "get stuck on some glamour puss." She's afraid he'll leave her for a younger woman.
    • "Am I going to lose you, Bill?"
    • He's about to kiss her when Eve interrupts with the tickets.
    • Bill thanks Eve, smooches Margo, and boards the plane.
    • In voiceover, Margo says that Eve moved into her guest room that evening. Hasn't she seen Single White Female?! This isn't going to end well.
    • Margo says the next three weeks were like a fairy tale.
    • "Eve became my sister, lawyer, mother, friend, psychiatrist, and cop. The honeymoon was on."
    • Margo lounges about while Eve does all the work. She's super-efficient and deferential to Margo. Birdie feels left out.
  • Scene 4

    Scene 4

    • Margo, whose costume is totally Gone with the Wind, is taking a bow on stage, while Eve waits just behind the curtain.
    • She compliments Margo's performance as she helps her from the giant dress.
    • In the dressing room, Eve tells Margo she made the curtains herself.
    • Birdie makes a snarky remark.
    • Eve decides to take the costume to be altered.
    • Birdie tells Margo that was a bad idea, because Eve will offend the wardrobe women, so Margo scampers after her.
    • She sees Eve on stage, cradling the dress and pretending to take a bow.
    • Margo is amused, and Eve has a look of surprise when she sees Margo watching her. Is she frightened or embarrassed?
  • Scene 5

    Scene 5

    • The phone rings.
    • Margo wakes up and answers it. It's a call from Beverly Hills. OMG is it Jason Priestley?!?!
    • The operator says Margo placed the call for midnight. Margo doesn't know what the operator's talking about.
    • The operator patches her through to Bill.
    • They chat. Margo says she can't wait for him to come home.
    • Then she wants to go back to bed, but he stops her. "You haven't even said it!"
    • Margo thinks he means, "I love you," but she realizes he means "Happy Birthday." It's Bill's birthday!
    • "And who remembered it?" he asks. Not Margo.
    • She wishes him happy birthday, and promises a dual birthday and coming-home party when he gets back.
    • However, he already knows about this party that she hasn't even planned yet. Eve told him about it.
    • In the morning, Birdie brings Margo breakfast in bed. Where can we get one of those adorable little trays? Crate and Barrel, maybe…
    • Margo asks Birdie if she likes Eve. Nope, she doesn't.
    • Birdie warns Margo that Eve is studying her, "like a play or a book or a set of blueprints."
    • Eve enters, wearing one of Margo's old suits. She's ready to run Margo's errands.
    • Margo asks her if she placed the call to Bill at midnight, and she admits to it, apologizing for "forgetting" to tell Margo about it.
    • Then she says she sent him a personal telegram herself. Birdie gives Margo an I told you so look.
  • Scene 6

    Scene 6

    • Welcome home, Bill! It's the night of his welcome/birthday party. "A night to go down in history," according to Margo. She senses disaster in the air as she dresses.
    • Birdie tells Margo that Bill has been home for 20 minutes. He's been chatting with Eve instead of coming up to greet Margo.
    • Margo literally runs down the stairs, then sweeps calmly into the den. She sends Eve away to check the hors d'oeuvres.
    • With Eve gone, Margo and Bill are free to fight about her. Margo believes Bill has designs on Eve, simply because she's younger.
    • Bill tells Margo he's tired of Margo's obsession with age. Eve just idolizes Margo. Nothing sinister.
    • He accuses Margo of "paranoid insecurity" just as Eve shows back up.
    • Then the guests arrive, putting a stop to all of this.
    • Lloyd and Max immediately start extolling Eve's virtues, which annoys Margo.
    • Karen senses something is up between Margo and Eve. "We know you. We've seen you like this before."
    • Margo sweeps away dramatically, on her way to getting totally plastered, and utters one of the most famous lines in film history: "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night."
    • Forgive us for repeating this line a zillion times in this guide. It's just so awesome.
  • Scene 7

    Scene 7

    • Here's the first bump: Addison arrives with a hot young actress, Miss Caswell (played by a very hot young Marilyn Monroe).
    • Eve descends the stairs and Margo introduces Eve to Addison and Miss Caswell.
    • Margo tries to send Eve with them, but Eve's afraid she'd bore Addison.
    • "You won't bore him honey," purrs Claudia Caswell. "You won't even get a chance to talk." Oh, we like her. We really like her.
    • Addison sends Claudia away to charm Max Fabian and she shimmies away as only Marilyn can do.
    • Then Addison takes Eve away. Margo's happy to be rid of her for now.
  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    • Here's another bump: Margo is drunk and depressed and sitting next to the piano player, making him play the same sad song five times in a row.
    • She's turned the party into her own funeral.
    • Bill says the guests want some happier music, and Margo says they're welcome to leave.
    • Poor Max, with heartburn, asks Margo for some antacids, and she leads him to the pantry.
    • In the kitchen, Max says he made a promise to Miss Caswell to audition for a role in Margo's play.
    • Margo offers to read with her and help her practice… in exchange for a favor: giving Eve a job in his office. She wants her out of her life, apparently.
    • He doesn't think it's a good idea, but he agrees.
    • Lloyd enters and tells Margo she has a new guest: a movie star from Hollywood.
    • Margo asks Lloyd about the new play. She seems worried that she's supposed to be playing a girl of 20. "20-ish" specifies Lloyd.
    • "I'm not 20-ish, I'm not 30-ish," Margo says. She's 40.
    • Oops. She didn't mean to reveal her true age.
    • He says she can be as young as she wants, but Margo doesn't seem to believe it anymore.
  • Scene 9

    Scene 9

    • Up in Margo's room, Eve enters with a fancy sable coat. It belongs to the Hollywood movie star.
    • Karen asks Eve if she's happy. Eve is so happy she can hardly put it into words.
    • Eve asks Karen for a favor. She wants to be Margo's new understudy.
    • Karen agrees to speak to Max about it.
    • Downstairs, the party is finally winding down.
    • Bill, Addison, and Max are sitting on the stairs with Claudia. Karen and Eve join them and listen to Addison rant and rave about the theatre.
    • Bill says the theatre takes hard work, and Eve mutters to herself, "Yes, yes it does."
    • She gazes dreamily and talks about the applause. Eve seems to be in it for the applause, that wave of love and adoration from the audience…
    • Everyone looks at Eve like she's drunk, and she seems a little embarrassed.
    • Eve stands up when Margo enters. "Please stop acting as if I were the queen mother," Margo snaps at Eve.
    • Then she snaps at Bill and Karen and Lloyd. We're surprised she doesn't snap at the banister.
    • Karen excuses herself, telling Margo to stop being a star and stop treating her guests as her "supporting cast."
    • Margo stumbles drunkenly upstairs, wishing Bill a happy birthday and a welcome home on the way. How sweet.
    • Eve collapses onto a bench, and Karen comforts her, saying that Margo does things no one can figure out.
    • Whew, that was one crazy party.
  • Scene 10

    Scene 10

    • Margo sweeps into the theatre.
    • Addison's in the lobby, and he tells Margo the audition is over. Margo is 2.5 hours late.
    • Margo wonders who read with Miss Caswell, and Addison reveals that Eve, her new understudy, did.
    • Margo pretends she knew all along that Eve was her understudy.
    • Addison says that no one paid attention to Miss Caswell because Eve's performance was "something made of music and fire." That's a good thing.
    • Lloyd, according to Addison, was captivated by Eve, especially because she didn't ad-lib as Margo does.
    • Inside the auditorium, Margo acts surprised that Eve is her understudy.
    • Eve says she's glad Margo arrived late, because she would have been embarrassed to continue reading if Margo had arrived in the middle of it. She's not worthy, etc.
    • Margo confronts Lloyd about his young characters and says her age is why he prefers Eve to her.
    • They fight on the stage and Lloyd storms out.
    • Bill has been lounging on stage, so Margo saunters over and lays into him, too.
    • She accuses him of planning the whole audition with Eve.
    • He grabs her and insists he never knew either. He says she's being paranoid and all she's doing is hurting the two of them.
    • "Once and for all, stop it!"
    • He proposes marriage to prove he's into her and not Eve.
    • She turns him down, and he says goodbye and walks away!
    • Wait! She stops him before he leaves. "Where are you going? To find Eve?" she asks.
    • Ouch. That may have been the final nail in the coffin holding their dead relationship.
    • Margo cries on the bed, and the scene fades to black.
  • Scene 11

    Scene 11

    • In Karen's apartment, Lloyd storms in ranting about how awful Margo is.
    • Then he wants to talk about how amazing Eve is, and how inspirational it would be to write for her instead of Margo.
    • Karen reminds Lloyd they're all going on a couples retreat: him, her, Bill and Margo. Oh, that'll go well.
    • In voice over, Karen tells us she got sudden inspiration for a big plan, a "boot in the rear" for Margo.
    • She makes a phone call... to Eve Harrington.
  • Scene 12

    Scene 12

    • Karen's voiceover continues.
    • Bill didn't come along for the couples' weekend.
    • Margo and Lloyd eventually got along.
    • On Monday, Karen and Lloyd drive Margo to the train station, so she'll be at the theatre in time for her performance.
    • It's icy, and the car skids across the road.
    • Then the car runs out of gas. Lloyd doesn't understand how. The car should have been full. It was full when Karen took that car that morning.
    • Karen swears she wasn't paying attention. Hmm…
    • Lloyd leaves the car to walk to the nearest station, leaving Karen and Margo alone in the car.
    • Margo apologizes for being unpleasant.
    • She says she wants to find her true self and for Bill to be in love with that part of her, not with "Margo Channing." Margo doesn't like "Margo Channing."
    • She thinks she's been harsh on Eve, too.
    • Margo gives a dramatic and moving speech about the nature of womanhood.
    • Karen is almost moved to tears, and she apologizes, mainly because she drained the gas tank herself so Eve could go on stage instead of Margo. She sinks guiltily down in the seat.
  • Scene 13

    Scene 13

    • Eve does perform.
    • Not only that, she manages to invite everyone in the media to review her performance, which is spectacular.
    • Addison goes to Eve's dressing room after the show and overhears her talking to Bill.
    • He hides to eavesdrop.
    • Bill's talking about acting, and Eve is trying to seduce him.
    • Bill rebuffs her advances. "I'm in love with Margo. Haven't you heard?"
    • Eve is furious. She strips off her wig and throws it against the mirror.
    • Addison knocks, and Eve quickly regains her composure to welcome him inside.
    • He compliments her performance, and she pretends to be modest.
    • Addison suggests she shed her humility, and he offers to take her to supper. He wants to do a column about her.
    • While she's changing, he asks her about San Francisco and if she saw Margo at the Shubert Theatre.
    • Yes, Eve says, she did see Margo at the Shubert.
    • He asks about her husband, what was his last name?
    • She avoids the question, climbing into the shower and turning on the water.
  • Scene 14

    Scene 14

    • In voiceover, Karen comments on the columns all about Eve.
    • She meets Margo for lunch and bumps into Addison and Eve at the restaurant.
    • Eve says she'll be lunching with a Hollywood talent scout, even though she has no intention of going to Hollywood, perish the thought.
    • While waiting for Margo, Karen reads Addison's column.
    • She races over to Margo's apartment. Of course Margo hasn't left yet, so they read Addison's column in private.
    • Margo is livid at Addison's gushing review of Eve, which also condemns Margo, a grizzled old broad playing young roles she doesn't deserve. The nerve…
    • She chucks the paper into the fire.
    • Bill arrives to comfort Margo. He read the article too, and he ran right over. What a guy.
    • He sweeps Margo into his arms and holds her while she cries.
    • Karen excuses herself, leaving the two of them alone.
  • Scene 15

    Scene 15

    • Back at home, Karen and Lloyd talk about the article.
    • According to Lloyd, Eve told him that Addison twisted her words. She didn't intend for the article to be an attack on Margo.
    • Lloyd suggests they send Margo on tour with Aged in Wood and cast Eve for Footsteps on the Ceiling, having two hit plays simultaneously.
    • Karen's furious that Lloyd would betray Margo. "Eve's disloyalty and ingratitude must be contagious!" That's guilt talking for sure.
    • A phone call interrupts their argument. It's Margo. She invites Lloyd and Karen to a club after the play.
  • Scene 16

    Scene 16

    • At the Cub Room, Bill, Margo, Lloyd, and Karen have dinner.
    • Bill tells everyone how amazing Margo was in the play. He toasts Margo, his "bride to be."
    • Karen and Lloyd are thrilled to hear the news. Maybe now Margo will finally calm down.
    • A waiter delivers a note to Karen. It's from Eve. She wants to speak with Karen in the ladies' room.
    • Margo looks across the room and sees Addison. Of course he's there with Eve.
    • Karen doesn't want to go, but everyone pressures her. They want to know what Eve has to say.
    • Karen and her amazing pearls make a beeline for the ladies' room, ignoring Addison along the way.
    • In the ladies' room, Eve and Karen have a chat.
    • Eve compares talking to Addison to having a tooth pulled under anesthetic—you don't know what you're saying.
    • She insists he twisted her words.
    • Eve says that she's been "told off" all over town. People are loyal to Margo, not to her.
    • Karen makes the mistake saying to Eve, "If there's anything I could do…"
    • Of course Eve wants the lead in Lloyd's new play… and she wants Karen to convince Lloyd.
    • If she doesn't, Eve will reveal the truth about why Margo missed the performance. (Because Karen drained the gas in the car on purpose.) Blackmail in a black dress!
    • Eve returns to Addison and says that Karen said she'd convince Lloyd to let Eve play the lead. "Just like that."
    • Karen and her stunning pearls return to the dinner table and she says that Eve cried and apologized.
    • Margo asks for a wedding present: for everybody to just shut up about Eve. "Eve Evil. Little Miss Evil."
    • Then she has some shocking news for everyone: She doesn't want to play the lead in the new play.
    • Margo doesn't want to pretend to be a woman twenty years younger anymore, now that she's going to be married.
    • She has a life to look forward to. She doesn't want to look back into the past.
    • Karen collapses into hysterical laughter. All her problems are solved. Just like that.
  • Scene 17

    Scene 17

    • Eve plays Cora, the lead in Lloyd's new play. Margo never attends the rehearsal.
    • Bill and Lloyd fight constantly during the pre-production, so Karen stops attending rehearsals too.
    • For some reason, she and Lloyd sleep in separate beds like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Production Code and all that.
    • One night Karen gets a phone call. Eve's neighbor is looking for Lloyd. The neighbor says Eve is hysterical.
    • The neighbor had seen Lloyd at Eve's apartment before, and thought he'd be concerned.
    • Lloyd picks up a phone near his bed and he traipses over to Eve's apartment.
    • Cut to the neighbor, who gives Eve the OK signal. Eve planned the whole thing. Why, we oughta…
  • Scene 18

    Scene 18

    • Addison and Eve are talking about Eve's upcoming off-Broadway debut in New Haven.
    • Eve thought she'd be scared, but she's excited for it.
    • He walks Eve to her suite and she's also excited for her nap. A woman after our own heart.
    • Addison calls Eve a "killer" which offends her. He says he meant to say "champion."
    • Eve invites him inside. She has something to tell him.
    • Addison is surprised how plush Eve's suite is. Max is paying for it.
    • Eve confesses that Lloyd is leaving Karen for her.
    • She says Lloyd's in love with her and she's in love with him. She says he begged her to marry him.
    • Addison calls her bluff, and says they need to talk "killer to killer."
    • "Champion to champion," Eve corrects him, but she doesn't want to talk. She wants her nap. We can sympathize.
    • Addison says Eve won't marry Lloyd because she belongs to him. Creepy.
    • Eve laughs at him and he slaps her, saying she can laugh at anyone else, but never at him.
    • "Get out," she says, but he won't leave. She goes for the phone, but he tells her not to touch it.
    • She obeys. He tells her that she will continue to obey him.
    • Why? He knows all her secrets. It's time for Eve to get blackmailed.
    • He knows her real name is Gertrude Slojinksi. That name hardly rolls off the tongue.
    • Also, she had an affair with her boss' wife in Wisconsin. He paid her $500 to get out of town, and she used the money to travel to New York.
    • Eve collapses onto her bed, crying, mascara running all over the sheets. She'd better tip the housekeeper.
    • Addison exposes Eve's lie that she saw Margo at the Shubert in San Francisco. San Fran has no Shubert. Psych!
    • He also reveals he heard her try to seduce Bill.
    • Finally, he says he dined with Karen three hours ago.
    • Karen told Addison Eve's story, that Addison twisted her words. He's not happy about that, and he now knows not to trust her at all.
    • Still, even though she's a lying psychopathic shrew, Addison thinks they deserve each other. "You agree how completely you belong to me?"
    • "Yes, Addison," she says.
    • This movie is in black and white, but we didn't realize it was practically fifty shades of grey.
    • Addison leaves a distraught Eve alone on the bed. He tells her she'll give the performance of her life that night on stage.
  • Scene 19

    Scene 19

    • Boom, we're back to scene one, the award ceremony.
    • That night, Eve did give a performance to remember, and she's being recognized for her achievement.
    • Eve takes her award and delivers a dramatic speech, saying she respects everyone in the room and has so much to learn from them. She's still not worthy…
    • We can practically hear Margo's eyes rolling.
    • Eve thanks Max Fabian for taking a chance on her.
    • She thanks Karen for her "kindness and graciousness." Karen avoids eye contact and applause.
    • Eve thanks Margo Channing, her "benefactress and champion." Margo gives her the coldest stare in the history of film.
    • Then she thanks her director, Bill, who lights a cigarette instead of listening.
    • Finally Eve thanks Lloyd Richards, who also looks down at the table.
    • The only person who seems happy for her is Addison, who smirks from his table.
    • Eve says she's going to Hollywood to make a film, but her heart will always be in the theater. And she'll be back. (Sounds like a threat.)
  • Scene 20

    Scene 20

    • Karen congratulates Eve as she leaves.
    • Margo walks up to Eve and delivers one of the greatest insults of all time: "I wouldn't worry about your heart. You can always put that award where your heart is supposed to be." Boom.
    • Eve takes a cab to her fancy suite.
    • There's a strange girl asleep in a chair. Eve drops her drink when she sees her.
    • The girl introduces herself as Phoebe; she's the president of her high school's Eve Harrington Fan Club. She snuck in the room when the maid came in.
    • Phoebe makes Eve a new drink to replace the one she dropped. Do they teach that in high school, too?
    • The doorbell buzzes and Phoebe gets the door. It's Addison. Eve left her trophy in the cab, and he's bringing it to her.
    • Addison is suspicious that Phoebe knows his name, but she says he's very famous.
    • He asks her if she wants an award like that of her own.
    • "More than anything else in the world." We're surprised she doesn't beat Eve to death with it right then and there.
    • Phoebe puts the award on Eve's trunk, to take with her to Hollywood.
    • Then she takes Eve's cloak, wraps it around her shoulders, and stands, award in hand, in front of the mirror admiring herself.
    • Stay tuned for the sequel: All About Phoebe.
    • The end.