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All About Eve Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • You're cordially invited to the ceremony for the Sarah Siddons Award, a distinguished award for people in the theatre, or, to be pretentious enough to fit in here, the theaTUH!
  • A crusty old man talks and talks, but we hear nothing he says over the voice of a narrator, who tells us the Sarah Siddons Award will go to Eve Harrington. After all, this is "all about Eve."
  • The narrator is Addison DeWitt, theatre critic. "I am essential to the theatre," he says. Yeah, he's just a smidge full of himself.
  • Addison's voiceover introduces us to all the key players in the room.
  • First, Karen Richards, the playwright's wife, decked out in strand after strand of pearls.
  • Next to her, Lloyd Richards, her husband, the playwright who wrote the play that rocketed Eve to stardom.
  • Then there's Max Fabian, a producer.
  • We then meet Margo Channing, another star of the theater. And what a star, "a great star, a true star" with her big Bette Davis eyes! (Because she's played by Bette Davis.)
  • Finally, Addison shuts his trap, and the crusty old man gets to the point, ready to present the award, which he picks up with little effort. We think that award might be hollow. Like a chocolate Easter bunny.
  • He talks about Eve's youth and beauty and artistry, "her humility," her love, etc., etc. We're going to be as old as this guy by the time he's done.
  • Finally, he presents the award to Miss Eve Harrington. Everyone claps.
  • Eve, in her sparkly gown, stands and gives a gracious bow.
  • Oh, remember how we said everyone claps? Karen and Margo most definitely do not.
  • Addison freezes the frame just as Eve reaches for the award.
  • He says we all know all about Eve, but we don't.
  • The narrator shifts to Karen, who says it all began a lifetime ago‚Ķ in early October.

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